Have a School Party

$125.00 for 2 Hours plus $3.00 for each skate rental

You set the price of admission - Usually $2.00 to $3.50
WE collect admission and skate rental from each skater
We deduct the rink rental from the total admission collected at the door
The balance is refunded to you.

Example:  Your school decides to charge $2.50 per skater for admission and
                   150 attend your party.

150 skaters 2.50 each   = $375.00                                                      75 SKATERS MINIMUM
Minus Rink rental            -$125.00

Refund to school              $250.00

Call us at (812) 372-6677 and let us help plan your party.
  2660 N. Talley Road  Columbus, IN. 47203     Phone:  (812) 372-6677